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ARION 660-510

Freedom to do more.

We've listened to you and equipped the new ARION with plenty of new features to lighten your daily workload and provide greater comfort and convenience: a new top model with a maximum output of 205 hp, a new CEBIS display with touch operation and a new armrest in the CIS+ version.

ARION 660-510

Freedom to do more.

We've listened to you and equipped the new ARION with plenty of new features to lighten your daily workload and provide greater comfort and convenience: a new top model with a maximum output of 205 hp, a new CEBIS display with touch operation and a new armrest in the CIS+ version.

Constant output is just as important as pure power.

Strong at heart.

Under the bonnet, DPS PowerTech PVX engines with a cubic capacity of 4.5 or 6.8 litres provide outstanding pulling power.

  • DPS Powertech engines with 4.5 or 6.8 l cubic capacity
  • ARION 500: 4-cylinder engines with staged turbocharger (a smaller turbocharger with an extremely fast response time and a wastegate turbocharger)
  • ARION 600: 6-cylinder engines with VGT turbocharger
  • Common rail injection (1,800 bar)
  • 4-valve technology and intercooler
  • ARION 600: two engine idling speeds (650 and 800 rpm) with automatic adjustment to reduce stationary fuel consumption
  • Visctronic fan control
  • NEW: High-performance turbocharger.

    The VGT turbo in the ARION 600 provides the optimum charge pressure at all engine speeds by automatically adjusting the turbine blade angle. In the ARION 500 the rapid response time of a small turbocharger at low speeds has been combined with the performane of a larger wastegate turbocharger to give staged turbocharging. This arrangement produces excellent dynamics in the 4-cylinder engines across the whole engine speed spectrum.

    Thanks to load- and speed-dependent control, the 6-cylinder and 4-cylinder engines all deliver high torque even at a low engine speed.


    The ARION 660 CMATIC delivers up to 205 hp thanks to the intelligent CLAAS POWER MANAGEMENT (CPM) electronic control system. 20 hp of additional boost power is available for PTO and transport work, and also for the fan drive, significantly increasing the performance and versatility of the ARION 660 CMATIC.

Cleaning up.

Stage IV (Tier 4).

ARION 600 / 500 tractors meet the Stage IV (Tier 4) emissions standard. Compliance with Stage IV (Tier 4) means that particulate and nitrogen oxide emissions have been reduced to almost zero.

NEW: Exhaust gas filters and urea to minimise emissions.

The tried and tested combination of diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) reduces hydrocarbon and soot levels in the exhaust gases. The DPF is also maintenance-free and regenerates passively during normal operation as you work. You hardly notice it.

SCR stands for selective catalytic reduction, a process in which nitrogen oxides remaining in the exhaust gas are converted into water and pure nitrogen. This is achieved by using a synthetic aqueous solution of urea (AdBlue®1), which is carried in an additional, heated tank. Thanks to the upstream EGR, urea consumption in ARION 600 / 500 tractors is impressively low.

Well integrated exhaust gas aftertreatment

The DPF is positioned under the bonnet, immediately behind the turbocharger, because it needs high exhaust temperatures to produce an optimum reaction. The SCR catalytic converter is an integral part of the exhaust system and is located on the right-hand side of the tractor immediately behind the A-pillar of the cab. There is no impact on the driver's field of vision or machine accessibility.

CMATIC. Simple, convenient and continuously variable.

The continuously variable EQ transmission from CLAAS.

The ARION 600 / 500 CMATIC comes with the continuously variable EQ 200 / 220, developed and built by CLAAS. This intelligent combination of stepped planetary gearbox, clutch unit and two hydrostatic units guarantees optimum power flow. The transmission is very simple in structure, with two automatically shifted drive ratios.

  • Efficient and easy to use.

    With engine speeds of 1,500 rpm at a top speed of 50 km/h and 1,400 rpm at 40 km/h, ARION 600 / 500 tractors also demonstrate their full capabilities in transport operations. If the accelerator is not depressed, the transmission is in powered zero mode and maintains its position reliably without creeping or rolling. This means that the tractor can start up safely and easily at steep field entrances or road junctions, even with a full load.
    How you benefit:

    • Completely smooth acceleration from 0 to 50 km/h (or 40 km/h), even under maximum load
    • Low fuel consumption on the road as maximum forward speed is reached at just 1,500 rpm
    • Powered zero mode makes it easy to stop on slopes and start off again without using the service brake
    • Drive ratio changes smoothly and automatically
    • You are always in the right drive ratio
    • Two drive ratios, which change the power flow and processes within the transmission – consistently high efficiency levels for low fuel consumption and maximum versatility in all applications

CMATIC. Optimised settings.

Simple, straightforward operation.

The CMATIC transmission has three operating modes: accelerator pedal, drive lever and manual mode.
In the first two modes, forward speed can be controlled by the accelerator pedal or drive lever. The engine speed and transmission ratio are adjusted automatically – for optimum efficiency and optimised fuel consumption. In manual mode, the driver chooses the engine speed and transmission ratio. Automatic engine and transmission control is not active

Accelerator pedal or drive lever.

You can switch between accelerator pedal and drive lever mode while the tractor is moving by pressing a button on the armrest. The active mode is displayed in the CEBIS or CIS.

  • NEW: Engine droop at the push of a button.

    Engine droop setting for "Eco" and "Power", and the engine speed memory

    When the engine speed memory is active, e.g. for PTO work, you can specify the difference from the saved engine speed at which the transmission ratio is reduced.

    Two engine droop values can be saved for engine droop in accelerator pedal and drive lever mode. They are retrieved by the quick-access facility using the F buttons. With these values, known as "Eco" and "Power", the droop can be rapidly adjusted to the task in hand, e.g. when moving from the road to the field. The engine droop for the engine speed memory is defined separately.

CMATIC. No need to stop.

Tailor-made speed ranges.

With the CMATIC transmission, three speed ranges can be pre-selected in both directions of travel. The active range is displayed in the CEBIS or CIS and can be changed while the tractor is in motion using two buttons. The lower the maximum preset value for the range, the more accurately the forward speed can be controlled.

A cruise control speed can be saved for all the ranges while the tractor is moving by pressing the button on the drive lever. The cruise control speeds can also be pre-set on the CEBIS or CIS terminal.

CMATIC allows drivers to create their own profiles according to the job in hand. Intelligent CMATIC transmission technology enables you to use the full power of your ARION economically and productively – with maximum operator comfort.

HEXASHIFT. Efficient powershift transmission.

The HEXASHIFT powershift transmission from CLAAS.

With HEXASHIFT you can shift effortlessly through all six powershift speeds and the four automatic ranges using your fingertips, or you can shift automatically using the HEXACTIV powershift unit.

Overlapping powershift speeds allow the full output potential of the engine to be utilised and provide smooth range shifting on the road.

  • Clear benefits.
    • No need to use the clutch when changing range
    • Good gear spacing in all ranges
    • Excellent efficiency in the field and on the road for low fuel consumption
    • Creep gear options down to 110 m/h
    • Convenient adjustment options with CIS or CEBIS
    • High operating comfort with the DRIVESTICK or CMOTION
    • CLAAS powertrain management for smooth changes in range and powershift operations
    • NEW: Powershift transmission functions:
    • SMART STOP: stop with the brake pedal without using the clutch
    • HEXACTIV powershift unit with cruise control
    • Disable cruise control and engine speed memory using the throttle pedal
    • NEW: REVERSHIFT shuttle lever with electronic parking brake
    • NEW: REVERSHIFT reversing function on the ELECTROPILOT four-way control lever

    HEXASHIFT is available in three different versions:

    • Super ECO 40 km/h at 1650 rpm
    • ECO 40 km/h at 1,950 rpm
    • ECO 50 km/h at 2000 rpm

HEXASHIFT. Always in the right gear.

Automatic transmission control.

There's no need to move through every gear (as in a conventional powershift transmission) when shifting between ranges – the HEXASHIFT transmission automatically selects the most appropriate gear depending on forward speed and load, regardless of whether you are driving manually or automatically. If you press the clutch in range D, the transmission automatically adjusts the powershift speed when the clutch is re-engaged. This can be very useful, e.g. when approaching a junction.

  • Intelligent transmission settings.

    When using the clutchless reverser, you can even change gear automatically when you want the forward speed to be different from the reverse speed. At the headland, you can also engage a pre-selected gear simply by pressing a button. This means that you are always moving at the same speed on the headland. The aggressiveness of the REVERSHIFT clutchless reverser is also adjustable in nine steps (-4 to +4), providing optimum ride comfort in all situations.

  • HEXACTIV start-up and approach gears.

    Auto mode

    The start-up gear engaged when starting the engine is freely selectable between A1 and D1. The specified start-up gear is engaged every time you start the engine. A separate approach gear can also be selected when operating with the HEXACTIV powershift unit activated. This gear is automatically engaged as soon as the tractor comes to a standstill.

HEXASHIFT. HEXACTIV changes gear for you.

HEXACTIV powershift unit.

Because you've got more important things to do, you can leave the HEXACTIV to change gear automatically. You can configure the HEXACTIV powershift unit with a wide range of well-designed functions according to your preferences and the job in hand.

You can choose between three modes for the powershift unit in CEBIS or CIS.

  • Fully automatic: HEXACTIV shifts for variations in engine speed depending on engine load, vehicle speed and the driver's preference / accelerator position
  • PTO mode: HEXACTIV shifts in such a way as to ensure the engine speed / PTO speed remain as constant as possible
  • Manual mode: HEXACTIV shifts according to a fixed engine speed which is programmable by the driver

CLAAS tractor concept for greater flexibility.

Smart ideas throughout.

CLAAS offers a range of factory-installed pre-fittings and equipment specially designed for ARION 600 / 500 tractors to make the tractor as versatile as possible.

With suitable pre-fittings, a front loader or front linkage can be retrofitted at any time. As an option, a robust half frame can be fitted along the engine between the front axle carrier and transmission. This frame absorbs forces as they arise and, at the same time, can be used as a coupling point for the front loader brackets. These are simply bolted to the half frame and can therefore be retrofitted at any time. If the ARION is equipped with a front linkage or a front loader ex factory, the half frame is included in the scope of delivery. Naturally, access to all maintenance points is guaranteed whatever equipment is fitted.

  • CLAAS tractor concept.

    A long wheelbase combined with optimum weight distribution (50% front / 50% rear) and a compact overall length guarantee superb flexibility and performance.

  • Long wheelbase and excellent weight distribution.
    • High driving comfort
    • Good and safe road handling
    • High tractive power and performance due to low ballast requirement
    • Higher lifting capacity thanks to improved stability
    • Optimises fuel consumption
    • Lower ballast requirement protects the soil and guarantees dynamic road transport
  • Short overall length.
    • Good manoeuvrability
    • Short trailer combination on the road
    • Good visibility
    • Good guidance of front-mounted implements

For all applications.

Fully balanced.

With so many front and rear axle ballast options, the ARION is easily adapted to every application. Its full performance potential can then be exploited without unnecessary losses. If you need to carry out heavy work at low speeds, the ballasting on the ARION can easily be increased. Weight that is no longer required can be removed just as easily.

  • Wheel weight per wheel, rear axle
    38" rim42" rim
    220 kg220 kg
    337 kg409 kg

  • Front ballasting for every situation.

    The fixed 110 kg weight carrier (ex factory) can be fitted with 28 kg, 35 kg or 50 kg weight plates. A 600 kg block weight can also be mounted on the 110 kg weight carrier.

    For flexible ballasting using the front hydraulics the combinations available ex factory are as follows:

    • 600 kg
    • 900 kg
    • 1,200 kg (600 + 600)
    • 1,500 kg (900 + 600)
  • NEW: Any size up to 710 mm.

    A wide variety of tyres are available ex factory. All models can be fitted with MICHELIN XeoBib tyres. Nokian industrial tyres are available for municipal work. The ARION 660-630 models can also be fitted with tyres up to 42" / 1.95 m in diameter to increase the contact area and traction.

NEW: REVERSHIFT shuttle lever with electronic parking brake available

NEW: Air brakes with air drier

Wheel spacers to adjust the track and quick-release axle available as an option

Powerful and economical at the push of a button.

Four speed ranges:

  • 540 rpm and 1,000 rpm as standard
  • 540/540 ECO and 1,000/1,000 ECO optional
  • NEW: Ground speed PTO available for both PTO options

The PTO speed is easily pre-selected at the touch of a button. Another button on the armrest activates the PTO.

Automatic PTO engagement/disengagement can be adjusted infinitely according to rear linkage height. Simply move the rear linkage to the position required and press and hold the automatic PTO button. The required engagement/ disengagement position is now saved.

Implement attachment is very straightforward as the PTO stub rotates freely.

Powerful hydraulics. Simple connections.

Pressure-free connections and no mess.

All eight hydraulic couplings at the rear of the ARION have release levers, so they can be connected and disconnected even under pressure. The coloured markings on the inlet and outlet sides make it easier to attach implements correctly. Oil leakage lines collect the oil from the couplings when attaching and removing connectors.

  • NEW: Hydraulics that get the job done.
    • Load-sensing hydraulic system for all ARION 600 / 500 models with 110 or 150 l/min output
    • In the CIS version: four mechanical spool valves on the right side console and ELECTROPILOT built into the armrest to operate two electronic spool valves
    • In the CEBIS or CIS+ version: up to six electronic spool valves can be operated from the armrest – up to four of these with the ELECTROPILOT.
    • Spool valve operation can be assigned to the F buttons on the CMOTION, multifunction armrest or ELECTROPILOT to make combined operating processes easier.
    • Additionally in the CEBIS version: thanks to free assignment and prioritisation of the spool valves, every driver can adapt CEBIS operation according to the task in hand and personal preference. The frequently-used hydraulic functions are positioned side by side for smooth operation.
    Max. number of mechanical spool valves, rear4
    Max. number of elctronic spool valves, rear44
    Max. number of electronic spool valves, centre,e.g. for front loader or front linkage; operated from ELECTROPILOT222
    Spool valve prioritisation
    Free spool valve assignment

    □ Available – Not available

The rear linkage handles even the heaviest of implements.

The rear linkage.

With a maximum lifting capacity of 7.5 and 8.0 t, ARION 600 / 500 tractors can carry the heaviest of implements. The rear linkage configuration can be tailored to individual requirements:

  • Manual or automatic lower link stabilisers
  • Wheel slip control
  • Hydraulic top link
  • Robust and simple top link holder
  • Practical ball holder at the rear
  • External controls on both mudguards for the rear linkage, PTO and electronic spool valve (depends on installed equipment)
  • Wide range of hitching options such as drawbar with hitch ball, automatic clevis, pickup hitch, CUNA

The convex rear window and swivelling seat provide an excellent view of the implement and unimpeded operation of the rear linkage controls. The conveniently located controls enable the driver to optimise the rear linkage settings while work is in progress.

Greater versatility. More applications.

Front linkage.

All ARION models can be specified with two different front linkages ex factory:

  • 3.0 t max. lifting capacity
  • 4.0 t max. lifting capacity

The modular construction makes retrofitting straightforward. The half frame along the engine is included in the scope of delivery. The rear axle support is a standard component of every ARION, even if it has no front linkage or front loader.

Front linkage and front PTO.

All ARION models feature a front linkage and front PTO:

  • Three positions for the front lower links: folded up, fixed working position and float position in slotted hole
  • Double-acting lift rams as standard
  • Short distance between front axle and mounting points for improved guidance of front attachments
  • 1,000 rpm PTO with external stop actuation
  • External control of the front linkage and double-acting spool valve in the CEBIS version if fitted.

Precise work.

The optional front linkage position control system for the CEBIS versions enables front-mounted implements to work extremely accurately. The working position is adjusted via a rotary knob on the armrest, while the lifting height can be limited and the lifting and lowering speed can be set using CEBIS. The front linkage can be used in single- or double-acting mode.

Always connected.

Optional hydraulic and electronic interfaces for many applications are incorporated into the front linkage:

  • Double-acting spool valve
  • Free-flow return line
  • 7-pin socket
  • 12 V / 25 A socket

Fast, straightforward maintenance.

Fast maintenance.

Daily maintenance work should be as straightforward as possible – because we know from experience that nobody enjoys doing things that are complicated or inconvenient.

  • The large, one-piece bonnet opens at the press of a button, providing access to all the engine maintenance points
  • The oil can be checked and topped up on the left-hand side of the ARION when the bonnet is closed
  • All daily maintenance tasks can be carried out without tools

Long oil-change intervals (engine 500 h, transmission and hydraulics 1,500 h) save a great deal of time and money. This means that less valuable working time is lost during the season and the tractor is where it should be – at work.

The battery and a tool storage compartment are handily located in the access ladder on the right-hand side.

The oil can be checked and topped up when the bonnet is closed